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“I gained a better understanding of the different areas and aspects of life that dementia affects which gave insight to the direction our dining department needs to change and adjust when working with dementia patients.” ­ - Kristen Nunan (Director of Dietary)
“The seminar emphasized the importance of every single discipline when caring for those with dementia and alzheimers.” ­ - Chris Ware (Registered Dietician)
"The ADDC seminar introduced different techniques to help me improve my approach and create better treatment plans for my most challenging residents. I found I was able to use the information from the course to initiate dementia programs within the facility and assist with staff education to improve patient care. It improved my ability to think outside the box and to enter my patient's reality with them, leading to improved treatments, outcomes and quality of life. This is where the magic happens!" - Jeanette Brown (Occupational Therapist)
“I learned more appropriate words and phrases to use to maintain residents dignity.” ­- Monique Bourgeois (Licensed Practical Nurse)
“I learned to always remember that other issues can be a factor when a resident exhibits behaviors that are not within their normal presentation.” ­ - Patricia PeSalla (Licensed Practical Nurse)
“I learned the importance of cultural diversity and to become more aware of patient’s cultural needs when treating them.” ­ - Michael Meehan (Speech Language Pathologist)
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