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In-House Therapy Support

Appropriate staffing is critical to seamless and efficient therapy operations. Our team can assist you in establishing a staffing matrix and scheduling options to allow for flexibility and availability to meet all facility and patient needs. With staff stability, we will help build collaborative relationships between nursing and therapy enhancing resident care and normalizing your staffing needs.


Case-Mix Methodology

Our team understands the significance and value of capturing accurate quarterly and annual assessments to ensure appropriate reimbursement from Medicaid. With our uniquely designed method, we offer a program which allows for clinically justified opportunities for therapy, identification of subtle changes in function, improved compliance with regulations, and decreased hospitalizations.


Contract Review

Using a contract therapy company is a common solution for rehab needs; however, contracts need to be assessed and adjusted each year when insurance reimbursement and agreements change between the facility and the payor. Our team members are experts in analyzing contract rates and insurance agreements to ensure your contract is mutually beneficial for your facility and your chosen rehab partner.


Documentation and Coding Accuracy

Therapy denials can be avoided when appropriate documentation is provided prior to the submission of insurance claims. We provide up-to-date education for rehab departments on coding and billing guidelines to allow for appropriate coding, optimal reimbursement and efficient programs. Ensuring all therapy documentation is complete, accurate, and easily defensible is our top priority.


Equipment Selection

Therapists are highly focused on functional treatments to progress patients toward their goals and achieve appropriate lengths of stay. Functional treatments have demonstrated improvements in patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. We will guide you through the process of selecting equipment in order to yield effective treatments, improved outcomes, and justified reimbursement.


In-Services and Staff Education

With the constant changes in healthcare and frequent revisions of federal and state regulations, therapy staff must have up-to-date knowledge and resources to ensure documentation is defensible, treatments are driving quality outcomes and regulations identified and met. In-services and education can be provided to all staff and therapists to improve clinical standards of practice and set you apart from your competitors.

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